Grit Blasting: Grit blasting (sand blasting) is a process where abrasive particles are directed against a surface at supersonic velocity using high pressure air through a specially designed nozzle. These high speed abrasive particles remove surface contaminants from the base material.  Grit blasting removes rust, corrosion, paint and refractory coatings and conditions the surface for subsequent coating or metal treating. The most commonly used blasting media are aluminum oxide, glass beads, garnet and silicon carbide. The choice of media often depends on subsequent metal treating. Various grades of coarseness are used depending on the material to be removed and the desired residual surface finish.

Dry Ice Blasting: Dry ice blasting uses small pellets of frozen carbon dioxide directed at a surface at high velocity using compressed air. Similar to cavitation in an ultrasonic cleaner, dry ice pellets implode upon contact with the target. This implosion will remove dirt, paint, oil, ink, resins, adhesives and light rust. Dry ice is soft and will not damage metallic components.

Manual Grinding and Buffing: Manual grinding is the best, and sometimes the only, way to disassemble components which have been welded together. Kaytech has a multitude of pneumatic tools, hand held belt grinders, disc grinders, and other air powered tools along with various size grinding discs, cut-off wheels, and carbide burrs to do most any manual grinding job. In addition we have Scotch-Brite and similar pads for buffing jobs using these same tools.

Ultrasonic/Chemical Cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation induced in a fluid medium by ultrasonic sound waves to remove unwanted contaminants. Small bubbles of gas created by the ultrasonic energy implode upon contact with an object and in so doing knocks the contaminant loose & sweeps it away. Various chemicals can be used as the fluid medium depending on the compatibility of the object being cleaned and the contaminant to be removed. Ultrasonic cleaning is especially useful for components having internal passages that can not be reached any other way. Our current chemical is non-toxic, non-corrosive, contains no acids or bases, safe to handle, rinses away cleanly, and is safe on plastics and most paints.

Local Pick-Up and Delivery: Kaytech has a 22 Ft flat bed truck and provides local pick-up and delivery free of charge for components we grit blast, saving customers the cost, inconvenience and loss of time associated with hiring commercial carriers.