• Transition Pieces

  • Gas Tips

  • Combustion Liners

  • End Covers

  • Combustion Caps

  • Shroud Blocks

  • Fuel Nozzle

  • Buckets

  • Power Nozzle

  • Blades

  • Fuel Nozzle Body

  • Compressor Wheels

  • Water Manifold

  • Mold Halves

  • Dog Bones

  • Brake Pistons

  • AA Tubes

  • Brake Drums

Removal of coatings on mold halves
Removing impingement shields, honeycomb form nozzles
Removal of coatings and/or combustion products from buckets

Before                                After


comp1B.jpg comp1A.jpg

comp2B.jpg comp2A.jpg

comp3B.jpg comp3A.jpg

comp4B.jpg comp4A.jpg

comp5B.jpg comp5A.jpg

comp6B.jpg comp6A.jpg

comp7B.jpg comp7A.jpg

comp8B.jpg comp8A.jpg